Lancaster Countian Basket - $42.99

Our most popular basket ... overflowing with a variety of Lancaster County flavors, featuring the "wonderful-good" tastes of Amish shoofly and whoopie pies. The mouth-watering combination of a 1/2 lb. of Groff's Homemade Chocolates and Zerbe's Home Style Potato Chips will have the palate of that special recipient dancing.
Hammond's Pretzels, Zerbe's chips, Groff's assorted chocolates, Glick's chow-chow, Emma's Cheddar Popcorn, Wilbur Bar, Sarah Mae's honey mustard, Solanco Mixed Nuts, New Holland beef jerky, Arianna's shoo-fly pie, and Arianna's Whoopie pie.

Located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Dutch Baskets'™ mission is to bring you the best foods, arts and crafts produced in Amish Country. Carefully selecting only the finest products, Dutch Baskets™ allows you to receive a basket of bounty from Lancaster County. So if someone you know delights in sourdough pretzels, pickled relishes, smoked meats and cheese, or hand cooked potato chips, we can satisfy their appetite. Everything included in our baskets is made right here in Lancaster substitutes, no compromises, only the best.

Lancaster County, halfway between Philadelphia and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania is home to the second largest, and by far the most visited, Old Order Amish settlement in North America.

The Amish originated in Europe. Seeking religious freedom, they migrated to America in the early 1700s. Today, some 22,000 Amish people live in Lancaster County. Their presence has made this area a national, even international, tourist destination. Lancaster County, the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country, is considered one of America's favorite places to visit, drawing over 5 million visitors per year.

The numerous Amish and Plain communities give Lancaster County a whole different ambiance. The Plain people are not as materialistic as modern society. Rather, they adhere to more traditional ways and family values. Their influence is felt throughout the local area.

The Amish are known not only for their unique lifestyle but for the "wonderful-good" foods they prepare and the crafts they create. It is our desire to share the uniqueness of Lancaster County with you and your friends.